Why wallpaper makes a comeback and what is so special about it

Why wallpaper makes a comeback and what is so special about it?

We have been painting and repainting our walls for years, and now another option springs to mind for a change. We are thinking about trying out some wallpapers to give our home more of its character. However, many of our family members and friends are not confident about our choice, repeating stories on how the wallpaper patterns become easily outdated and it will not be easy to maintain it once it gets stained. There is also the difficulty of removing it in the future when we want to redo our walls. All the stories are discouraging to hear and we begin to doubt our choice. But wait! Are these worries still relevant in the wake of all the new patterns and textures being released into the market by the wallpaper industries? We must really rethink our plan with new facts about wallpapers.

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So here is an article on Lifehacker by Timothy Dahl to tell us more about current scenario that makes wallpaper regains customers’ attraction.

Choices of patterns and textures are ver convincing

But wallpaper is on a comeback, and there are designs and styles that will fit almost any person’s taste. It’s much easier to add a bit of whimsy to a home by using wallpaper that’s accented by a cheeky or ironic object. Paint just doesn’t get the message across as easily. Read more here!

Gone were the days when wallpaper mostly convey the serious and formal mood. The repetitive flowery and abstract patterns are no longer the only options. Contemporary patterns can be fun and unique. In accordance to our style and budget, the options are endless. Even Van Gogh’s paintings are turned into wallpaper, for example his famous almond blossom in turquoise. The textures can be really interesting, too. Some of them are vinyl, velvet, iridescent, metallic and many more. But designers’ wallpaper can be so enchanting because they give out the effects of being surrounded by tin walls, or tapestry, or stonewalls, or bricks etc. If we dare to venture outside of the ordinary, there are even indie patterns being sold and we can order our wallpaper based on the patterns. The wallpaper will then be delivered to us by postage. This should leave us feeling more convinced than ever to start looking for our dream wallpaper. Read another article Jamie Wiebe on realtor.com to find out more on current wallpaper trends.

Six wallpaper trends we should be watching

But modern wallpaper is easier to remove—and easier to apply. (Some simply peel off the wall, making those miserable hours seem like a cruel joke.) What’s more? Modern wallpaper designs are bold, fun, funky, and graphic. Begone, itty-bitty flowers and pink borders. Read more here!

The latest trends are really amazing to see! Can you imagine how silk wallpaper can add luxurious touch to our spaces at home with its softness and silky glow? We can also choose timeless geometric pattern or design which come in so many choices. But if we think repetitive patterns are too common and kind of out-of-date, the right alternative could be the digital print type which allows us to print anything of our choice. Still not satisfied? We have yet another choice, which falls under the type of embellished wallpaper that comes with beads, small pieces of tile or glass as added ornamentation. Other than that, we can also consider embossed or metallic wallpapers. Really amazing what wallpapers can offer nowadays to add more adventure to interior design. The following article by Megan Buerger at The Washington Post adds another angle to wallpaper comeback.

Find out the reasons behind the comeback of wallpaper

What’s caused the big comeback? It’s easy to attribute the sales spike to style bloggers, HGTV and Instagram, but at the core of wallpaper’s new popularity is a hint of rebellion. Read more here!

The reasons why we choose wallpaper instead of painting the wall can be various and different between each person, but the most important thing is how the wallpaper can create new and unique spaces in our homes, with final aim to provide satisfaction and comfort to everyone staying there. Even if the trend is only temporary, we can always choose to repaint or remove them later when we feel the wall needs some good upgrade, because it is now easier to do so.

To conclude, we should allow ourselves some adventure when it comes to interior design or decoration. With so many types and textures of wallpaper available, and old worries about adhesive and removal no longer relevant this is the best time to head to the shop and choose some interesting patterns that can represent ourselves.

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