Art of Accent Walls – Ideas That Can Transform Your Wall With Just Splash Of Colours

Art Of Accent Walls- Ideas That Can Transform Your Wall With Just Splash Of Colours

You don’t have to get into colouring your entire home walls and give you lot of hassle of colours and lot of work of repairing and re-painting. One bold accent walls is big solution to it. Having one single wall full of colours and art can gleam up your simple room without any cost to paint the entire room. A single wall with pop of colour or colours can be more overwhelming rather than having a full room filled with colours and hitting your eyes hard. A hope for having something different has led to different ideas and creativity to have accent feature walls in Singapore. Visit to know about a few ways to go for it.

Just paint it

Choose a wall that you wish to create a focal point. A choice of colour that matches your taste and room settings. Don’t Just choose any colour. It is generally advisable to have subtle colours for your accent wall. Subtle colours creates calmness and have longer aesthetic life. If you wish to have darker shades then choose a place where that colour can be used on a wall which can easily be neutralized with other settings like colouring your fire space.

Stencil a wall

It only take a piece of stencil, your favourite colour and a roller brush to get it done. It is one of the time saving activity and you don’t have to spend extra bucks on it. If you wish to stencil then it is advisable to take subtle colours. Subtle colours can easily be corrected and any miss-pattern can easily be overlooked.

Textured Paint

Texture paint gives you opportunity to use lot of colours. Colours that you wish to have mixing lights with the darker one to create overwhelming effects. Markets these days are flooded with the textured designs. With texture paints you have options to get artistic work done on your walls and go with it without any extra paintings and sceneries on your wall.

Easy stripes

If you don’t want to change the colour your wall, then pick up your roller and stripe it out with contrasting colour. Stripes are the most easiest way to design your wall so far. If you have a small neglected area and you wish to make that area stand out you then you can go ahead and draw some horizontal or vertical stripes, and fill colour of your choice.

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